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About Demo:Lyse

About Demo:Lyse

Welcome to Demo:Lyse! Browse on for more information about the various R&D and innovation projects in the Lyse Group.

This website is important to us since we strongly believe that innovation cannot happen in a vacuum. Great innovation is the result of the syngergies that take place when people, groups and communities meet. Since we place our faith in the combination of theory and practice, the projects will either be pilot projects or research projects.

R&D and pilot projects are just the first step on the path to true innovation. The real innovation happens when customers and users adopt new products and services, or when new processes and business models take effect.

Some of the projects have been making the news and you can read about the media coverage here.

Methodology - How we work

R & D phase
In this initial phase, we conduct research on unresolved issues and theoretical challenges, always with academic partners like the University of Stavanger. Researching concrete, new product or service ideas happens in this phase.
Proof of Concept phase
Prototyping and the testing of product and service prototypes through pilot projects happens in this phase. At this juncture, we test how our customers and users actually use the prototypes - what they like and do not like. It is important to determine the various uses of products and services and evaluation is, therefore, an important part of this phase . Development of simple business plans are also included in the Proof of Concept phase.
Proof of Market phase
Once it is established which products and services are popular and widely used, these are either commercialized as new projects or companies within the Lyse Group, formed as a separate spin -out, or absorbed by existing business areas. For the purpose of testing commercial and industrial processes (for e.g. marketing , delivery processes, operations and support systems), products and services are tested in realistic environments and on a large scale . This reduces risk prior to a full launch, and contributes to the removal of growing pains and the improvement of processes.
Rollout phase
For us at Lyse, innovation means that a product, service or process is sold, and subsequently, taken in use in a market. These last two steps are crucial to the success of projects. In this phase, it is essential to combine industrial and commercial expertise with experience obtained from R & D and pilot projects.