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Media Coverage

Media Coverage

These will be the gadgets of 2016
December 28, 2015
NRK: Gunnar Crawford works with technical innovation in Lyse. In the following interview (in Norwegian) he tells us what gadgets we will start using this year. – The year 2015 was not that great regarding new innovations, it was mostly improvements of already known devices. However, increasing amounts of our devices are online. For an example your coffee machine that tells you via Internet to fill up coffee, clean the machine or replace coffee filter, says Crawford. Journalists Hilde Torgersen Lise Andreassen Hagir Einar Espeland PHOTO: ANDERS FEHN / NRK

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“Video for All” gets award for universal design
December 8, 2015
Rogaland County Council awarded Norsk Telemedisin and the procject “VideoForAll” with an innovation prize in universal design.

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Mission: Think outside the box
September 15, 2015
Innomag: Last year Lyse employed Norway’s first Innovation Trainees. The experience was so good that the company decided to continue having Innovation Trainees and employed three new trainees.

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The Weeks Innovation: Smart Patients room
February 25, 2015
Health West RHF: Can you imagine yourself controlling the light and temperature when being hospitalized? Close the curtains when the sun is shining at you? Send a direct message to the duty room? In the future this might be controlled from the hospital bed, with new technology. Photo: Mirjam Pletanked Klingeberg, Health Stavanger

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When your house is smarter than yourself
November 30, 2015
Aftenbladet: In Trond Thorbjørnsens house, a Tablet or a smartphone controls power and ventilation. It does not matter if the family is home or not. Journalist: Arve Henriksen Photo: Arve Henriksen

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Smart Cities at Norway House
May 5, 2015
How can Smart Cities contribute to green growth, and which framework is needed to develop Smart Cities? Dagfinn Wåge from Lyse talked about potential business opportunities in Smart Cities. Photo: Julie Johnsen, EU-delegation.

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October 30, 2014
As part of NRK’s TV Program Schrödingers katt, Gunnar Crawford and his family was interviewed about smart houses and privacy. Watch the TV-show here:

The theme for the TV program and article: “Smart or monitored- most of our gadgets, homes, cars and cities are starting to be connected to Internet. They’re called IOTs, Internet of Things or Everything. When everything get smart features, it will be traceable. Monitoring as we know it from Internet is about to monitor everything we do in our lives.”

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Norway’s first Innovation Trainees?
October 27, 2014
Innomag (3in) has interviewed to newly employed innovation trainees at Lyse about their work and the future.

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Your Health On Your Wrist
January 22, 2014
Digital gadgets and apps that show if you're sick or well are just around the corner. Senior Business Developer Gunnar Crawford in Lyse AS cautions us against the abuse of such technology, but he also believes that the technology can be useful. "What we're waiting for now is a sort of armband, or an app that can competently measure your pulse, so that you no longer need pulse belts and other devices that you may have needed before. You can use these armbands to intercept warning signs and monitor your body's development for better or worse". Crawford has just returned from the world's biggest technology tradeshow in Las Vegas. He describes his job as "sitting in a crows nest on a ship", looking at least three to five years ahead, so as to secure his company's future position. See the complete text here: NRK Rogaland

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Doctoral work at Lyse
December 4, 2013
Veslemøy Guise og Pål Evensen both enrolled for doctoral studies at the University of Stavanger, under the auspices of Lyse AS. Pål Evensen, who has completed his doctorate, currently works as the Chief Architect at Lyse Smart. Veslemøy Guise is still working on her doctorate in the area of health technology. Lyse AS has received funding for these projects from The Norwegian Research Council amongst others. "This funding won't make Lyse wealthy, but we see it as our societal duty to develop innovative services at the same as we strengthen the region's research community." says Dagfinn Wåge, who heads the Department of Innovation at Lyse Energi. Read more in Stavanger Aftenblad. Photo: Jarle Aasland, Stavanger Aftenblad

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We Feel Safer
November 11, 2011
Our joint development project in Welfare Technology was mentioned in Stavanger Aftenblad on the 11. november 2011.

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