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Lyse is one of 78 partners in one of the most highly-profiled industrial development projects in the EU. With a budget of over half a billion kroner (68 million euro), the project aims to enable collaborative automation by networked embedded devices and to maximise adaptation between different systems. Interaction and communication between embedded systems and components are key concepts in this project. Lyse's participation in the project will contribute to greater energy efficiency and a greater competitive edge in the end markets of the future.

The Internet of Things is all around us and it is important for those steering the project to succeed in developing the strongest possible interoperability regardless of the systems and devices in question . As project coordinator, Professor Jerker Delsing at Luleå Technical University (LTU ) says:

"In the future there will be billions of interconnected devices in the world. The objective of Arrowhead is to develop modern technology that will allow these devices to communicate and exchange services with one another. This will contribute to reducing the consumption of water and energy and will also soften the environmental consequences of such consumption. The core of our technology must be so simple that it will work with entirely different devices." 

This is a comprehensive and wide-ranging project, and since its commencement in March 2013, it has included 78 partners from industry and academia. Lyse was on board from the very beginning, as a member in a Norwegian consortium, with the door and window manufacturer NorDan, located at Moi in Rogaland. NorDan and Lyse are industrial partners entrusted with the responsibility for testing solutions. SINTEF will manage the Norwegian consortium. The project will run until 2018, during the course of which Lyse will be responsible a total of three demos. The first of these demos will be in place by the summer of 2014. Under the aegis of the Arrowhead project, Lyse will test various sensors and actuators in living environments, with special emphasis on safety, welfare, comfort, energy efficiency and compatibility. Arrowhead is a Joint Undertaking project under the EU industry association Artemis.

The challenges in this European project range from the monitoring of mines, the management of remote heating systems, the charging of electric vehicles and maintenance of aircraft engines to ball-bearing wear and tear and power saving by the use of elevators. From the 12th to the 14th of June 2014, Lyse will host the Arrowheads General Assembly. 

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