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CIPSI Centre at UiS
CIPSI Centre at UiS
Centre for IP-based Service Innovation is a new research centre at the University of Stavanger. Industry stakeholders such as Lyse and IBM are among the centre's key corporate supporters . The Centre aims to strengthen applied ICT research in Rogaland.

The CIPSI centre is led by Professor Chunming Rong at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. For several years, Lyse has worked to strengthen ICT research in Rogaland, and in 2012, the CIPSI centre was established at the University of Stavanger. As the name implies, there is special emphasis on service innovation in close collaboration with industry stakeholders.

The centre will, in particular, address research in the intersection between ICT and other industries. The first example of such a research area is integrated operations in the intersection between oil and gas and ICT. The centre focusses on two other industry intersections - health and care services and energy .

In the intersection between health and care services and ICT, we find what is commonly called welfare technology, where the frequent use of sensors, actuators and computers is crucial. Topics such as data analysis, distributed systems and computer security are essential in this field, but it is also important to connect health and care service researchers to the centre. Training, organisation of the health and care service sector and patient safety are natural focus areas for research.

The intersection between energy and ICT takes us to new areas of research within the smart grid , prosumer models, smart energy services and energy efficiency. These activities also create a natural link to the cenSE centre, which works with sustainable energy production.

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