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ERAC Big Data
ERAC Big Data
ERAC stands for Efficient and Robust Architecture for the Big Data Cloud .This research project has the key objectives of processing and exploiting huge volumes of data. The project is led by Simula, and supported by participation from the University of Stavanger and the University of Oslo. Oracle is the other key partner in this project.

ERAC is a research project supported by the VERDIKT programme. Two Ph.D fellows linked to the CIPSI centre at the University of Stavanger are also associated with the ERAC project.  

Through close collaboration with Oracle, Simula, the University of Oslo and the University of Stavanger, the consortium aims to be a leader in a core area such as cloud computing, which will form the backbone of services and applications in the Internet of the future. Other selected core areas for excellence are: (i) communications technology and infrastructure and ( ii ) security, privacy and vulnerability. The Consortium's main focus is on chosen problem areas such as rapid elasticity, scale, virtualization, simplicity and energy efficiency. Current cloud computing technology still experiences limitations in these areas.

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