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Joint Development Project in Welfare Technology
Joint Development Project in Welfare Technology
The project's objective is to make it simpler and safer to stay in one's own home for as long as possible, even in a situation where assisted care is necessary. Aging-in-Place (AIP) a key concern for the majority of users, and has become a metaphor for optimized healthcare services that make efficient use of resources, delay placement in institutions or hospitals. The entire project is structured around three real life narratives, penned by home nurses from the Randaberg and Stavanger municipalities, in which they described situations they often met as assisted care providers.

The project has had 28 users living in 19 existing homes. These users were recruited based on the three user narratives authored by home care nurses at the beginning of the project. The users were divided into 3 groups - users with mobility impairment, users with cognitive impairment and healthy elders who were not receiving care services from their local municipality. The next step was to find services that Lyse could either reuse, further develop or develop from scratch.

The project has tested out 15 different services in three key categories: personal safety and security services, smart home services and new communication services. The majority of project homes have had services delivered over fiber optic cable, an infrastructure that has no limitations in terms of bandwidth-intensive services or symmetrical services. A good example of this is the use of Full HD video communication between either users, next of kin, health professionals or volunteer organizations. Stavanger Red Cross is our chosen collaborating partner from amongst local volunteer organizations, and they have, among other things, participated in testing video communication to enhance their visitor service.

The project has received wide attention, mostly because of users who have generously shared their experiences, but also because of the use of Lyse's own demo apartment in Mariero, Stavanger.  For more information, please check our page for media coverage or check out our vision on Youtube



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