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Lyse Ideas
Lyse Ideas
Lyse Ideas is an innovation competition with focus on highly relevant issues in our society, region or potentially within Lyse’s business areas. To facilitate new and innovative thoughts and ideas, we gather a diverse group of participants from the Lyse Corporation, different sectors and disciplines. During the competition, participants work in groups, and the aim is to present new and innovative technologies, products or services.

Lyse Idéer is a concept based on the Lyse Corporation name, directly translated into «Bright Ideas». We are quite lucky to have a company name that is adaptable to other contexts!

Lyse Ideas was in 2013 initiated by Toril Nag (director Tele) after being inspired by the concept Oslo Youth Challenge. Stavanger Youth Challenge was the start of Lyse Ideas, and focused on how to make the Stavanger region more attractive for youth with new services. In 2013 Null+ (Zero+) won with their concept to create a connection between young employees and employers in Rogaland. The prize they won was to speak under TEDx Stavanger, you can watch it here.

In 2014 five NGOs participated at Lyse Ideas, enabling them to find new technological solutions to help their challenges. RIO (drug abusers interest organization) won the prize with an application that will give immediately help in situations where former drug abusers are tempted with drugs. Read more about RIO and Lyse Ideas here and here.

In 2015 Lyse Ideas focused on how elderly can live longer at home with help of new technologies or services. The winner was Vift and they are facilitating dinner parties for elderly living at home. With this solution they cover important needs, such as nutrition and social contact by eating together. Read more about Lyse Ideas here and here.

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